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Online advanced level Hindi resources are the product of a practical online method for moving an intermediate Hindi student to advanced level with emphasis on oral proficiency. This is an explication of the ACTFL OPI criteria for what constitutes an advanced speaker and self-assessment. It contains audio, video and pictorial files addressing the topical, discourse type, grammatical, syntactic, and cultural elements which characterize the transition from intermediate to advanced. Activities and exercises on the construction of these elements via reading, listening, and especially vocal shadowing are integral part of this method.


These online resources include total of eight chapters and each chapter has three to four segments depending upon the length of the conversation. There are eight conversational videos, where native speakers provide spontaneous answers to the questions asked by the interviewer(s) in Hindi. The duration of the videos are seven to fifteen minutes and clips from the videos are used in the individual segments. The video clip’s start and end time is provided in each segment for convenience. An individual segment consists of objectives, audio and video archives, vocabulary lists, dialogues in Hindi script, cultural and ritual evidence, tasks and activities for learners to enhance their Hindi language learning. The tasks and activities are grammar-based construction drills, comprehension question-answers, fill in the blanks, choose correct answers, translate into English, project based research, create questions to interview classmates and others/community members etc. Each segments’ learning plan is provided in a pdf file for individual learners and language instructors to use in their classrooms. The target audience of these resources are Hindi language learners only. As part of the inaugural release of these resources, we are publishing four chapters and associated segments online. There will be additional chapters and segments along with exercises, tasks and activities available in next release.


This is part of a collaborative product between SEELRC - the Slavic and Eurasian Language Resource Center at Duke University and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at North Carolina State University. Grant was funded bySEELRC - the Slavic and Eurasian Language Resource Center at Duke University.



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North Carolina State University

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